October 2016


I started off the month hoping to watch a bunch of horror films, but since I was pretty much limited to whatever I could find on Netflix I only ended up watching. Sure, it’s almost half of the total that I watched, but not what I would have liked. Anyways, it was an okay month. The top two films ended up being comedies with a touch of drama from New Zealand. I also caught up with a few 2016 releases that I missed, and a couple of Christopher Guest films.

Top 10

  1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Taika Waititi, 2016)
  2. Housebound (Gerard Johnston, 2014)
  3. The Conjuring 2 (James Wan, 2016)
  4. Miss Stevens (Julia Hart, 2016)
  5. A Shot in the Dark (Blake Edwards, 1964)
  6. A League of Their Own (Penny Marshall, 1992)
  7. Star Trek Beyond (Justin Lin, 2016)
  8. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Curt Geda, 2000)
  9. Vamps (Amy Heckerling, 2012)
  10. A Mighty Wind (Christopher Guest, 2003)

The Worst: The Relic | The Neon Demon

Best Re-watch: Halloween (1978) | Shaun of the Dead


Best Director: Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople| Blake Edwards, A Shot in the Dark

Best Actor: Sam Neill & Julian Dennison, Hunt for the Wilderpeople | Peter Selllers, A Shot in the Dark

Best Actress: Lily Rabe, Miss Stevens

Best Supporting Actor: Timothée Chamalet, Miss Stevens | Tom Bennett, Mascots | Mark Hammill, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Best Supporting Actress: Catherine O’Hara, A Mighty Wind | Rima Te Wiata, Hunt for the Wilderpeople & Housebound

Best Screenplay: Miss Stevens | Housebound

Best Cinematography: Hunt for the Wilderpeople | Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse | The Neon Demon

Best Costumes: The Neon Demon

Best Production Design: Housebound | The Conjuring 2 | A League of Their Own

Best Music: Hunt for the Wilderpeople | A Mighty Wind


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