2016 So Far

I haven’t done a “Best of the Year So Far” post for the last few years out mainly due to laziness, but this year I felt inspired. I’m not going to do write-ups though- I’ll leave those for next year if the films I list are good enough to make it into the top 25.

Why do I do this in August rather than the end of June like everyone else? Well, it is mostly because by I’ve only seen very few of the year’s films offerings, mostly the stuff that gets easily to Kansas. However, I still like to do it right before Fall festival season starts to see how the year has shaped up before the studios take out their heavy hitters.

So, how has the year been? As someone who has not ventured out into the multiplexes a lot, it has been alright. I’m very happy with my top 10 so far and it would make for a very solid year-end list. In fact, I’m certain that at least my top 2 will not move very much, if at all, as I watch more films.

You know, what it’s been a good year for? Male supporting performances. After the top 10 I highlight some superlatives in the categories that I usually do in my lists of the best films of the month, and when it came to this category, I couldn’t narrow it down to a couple of choices. Same for Best Actress, but given that usually there’s not much going in the Best Supporting Actor category, I’m more impressed.


Honorable Mentions

The Dressmaker | Pete’s Dragon | Eye in the Sky | 10 Cloverfield Lane | Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Top 10

10. Hail, Caesar! (Joel & Ethan Coen)

9. Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols)

8. Everybody Wants Some!! (Richard Linklater)

7. Sing Street (John Carney)

6. The Shallows (Jaume Collet-Serra)

5. April and the Extraordinary World (Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinzi)

4. Looking: The Movie (Andrew Haigh)

3. Zootopia (Rich Moore & Byron Howard)

2. Love & Friendship (Whit Stillman)


1. Kubo and the Two Strings (Travis Knight)


Best Director: Whit Stillman, Love & Friendship | Travis Knight, Kubo and the Two Strings | Andrew Haigh, Looking: The Movie

Best Actor: Collin Farrell, The Lobster | Jonathan Groff, Looking: The Movie

Best Actress: Kate Beckinsale, Love & Friendship | Blake Lively, The Shallows | Kate Winslet, The Dressmaker | Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 10 Cloverfield Lane | Kate Siegel, Hush

Best Supporting Actor: Raul Castillo, Looking: The Movie | Tom Bennet, Love & Friendship | Alden Ehrenreich, Hail, Caesar! | John Goodman, 10 Cloverfield Lane | Jack Reynor, Sing Street | Glenn Powell, Everybody Wants Some!! | Alan Rickman, Eye in the Sky

Best Supporting Actress: Rooney Mara, Kubo and the Two Strings | Lauren Weedman, Looking: The Movie | Judy Davis, The Dressmaker

Best Adapted Screenplay: Love & Friendship

Best Original Screnplay: Zootopia | Kubo and the Two Strings

Best Cinematography: Looking: The Movie | Midnight Special | The Shallows

Best Costumes: The Dressmaker | Kubo and the Two Strings | Looking: The Movie

Best Production Design: April and the Extraordinary World | Kubo and the Two Strings | The Dressmaker

Best Original Score: Kubo and the Two Strings | Midnight Special | Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Worst Film of the Year So Far: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


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