February 2016

lz9kfuxThis month I only watched 11 films. I finished watching the Coen’s filmography up to my rewatch of Inside Llewyn Davis. Sadly I was not able to catch Hail, Caesar! Because it left the local theaters in less than two weeks. Other than that I caught up with some of my most anticipated films of 2015, and Pokémon 2000, which had eluded me since childhood.

This month I’ll only list the five films worthy of mentioning. I’ll also do the superlatives even though there weren’t a lot of them.

Top Five

  1. Creed (Ryan Coogler, 2015)
  2. The Prophet (Roger Albers, et. al, 2015)
  3. Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg, 2015)
  4. The Secret Garden (Agnieszka Holland, 1993)
  5. The Adventures of Prince Ahmed (Lotte Reiniger, 1926)

The Worst: Burnt

Best Rewatch: Inside Llewyn Davis | Burn After Reading


Best Director: Ryan Coogler, Creed

Best Actor: Tom Hanks, Bridge of Spies | Michael B. Jordan, Creed

Best Actress: Irma P. Hall, The Ladykillers | Sandra Bullock, Our Brand is Crisis [only two lead female roles in the 11 titles I watched]

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies| Jason Mitchell, Straight Outta Compton | Sylvester Stallone, Creed

Best Supporting Actress: Tessa Thompson & Phyllicia Rashad, Creed

Best Screenplay: Bridge of Spies

Best Cinematography: Creed | The Secret Garden

Best Costumes: The Secret Garden

Best Production Design: Bridge of Spies

Best Music: Creed

See my complete list on Letterboxd

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