Top Cinematic Discoveries of 2014

And so another year came and went. Although I won’t be ready to talk about the films of 2014 for a few more months, I can go ahead and reveal what my favorite first-time viewings for the year. This year I watched about 20 more films that fit my criteria for the list (pretty much everything that is at least 3 years old). All in all, I had 91 such viewings. I wanted to make it to 100, but as I mentioned in my December write-up, I could not for some particular reasons.

For these same reasons I will forgo a big introduction and write-ups for each individual entry, but I do present them here in a spiffy gallery with pretty pictures.

So here are my top 20 cinematic discoveries of 2014:

Head on over to Letterboxd for complete rankings of all the 91 movies seen for this list.


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