The Cinematic Highlights of September 2014

 photo CropperCapture5_zps0bbe1835.jpg

Once again, not much to say about this month in film viewings. I continued to catch up on some of the 2014 films I missed though I didn’t get to watch any of the new releases of the month, except for one that went straight to VOD. The highlight of my month, however, was watching for the first time the big three Bob Fosse films. All three films were great and deserving of their place in history, but only one managed to become an immediate all-time favorite (but its not the one pictured above). Overall I had 22 first-time viewings and seven re-watches. But I also watched the entire second season of “Hannibal” so, that’s about 13 more hours of material.

So, on we go…

Top 10

  1. Cabaret (Bob Fosse, 1972)
  2. The Tune (Bill Plympton, 1992)
  3. All that Jazz (Bob Fosse, 1979)
  4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Matt Reeves, 2014)
  5. Obvious Child (Gillian Robespierre, 2014)
  6. Lenny (Bob Fosse, 1974)
  7. Le Week-End (Roger Michell, 2014)
  8. God Help the Girl (Stuart Murdoch, 2014)
  9. The Boxtrolls (Graham Annable & Anthony Stacchi, 2014)
  10. The Double (Richard Ayoade, 2014)

Honorable Mentions: Lucy, Maps to the Stars, 9 to 5

Best Re-watch: Legally Blonde

The Worst: Fading Gigolo & What If


Best Director: Bob Fosse, All That Jazz, Cabaret, & Lenny | Bill Plympton, The Tune

Best Actor: Roy Scheider, All that Jazz | Andy Serkis, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | Dustin Hoffman, Lenny

Best Actress: Jenny Slate, Obvious Child | Lindsay Duncan, Le Week-End | Liza Minelli, Cabaret

Best Supporting Actor: Toby Kebbell, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | Ben Kingsley, The Boxtrolls | John Cusack, Maps to the Stars

Best Supporting Actress: Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars

Best Screenplay: Le Week-End

Best Cinematography: Cabaret | All that Jazz | Lenny

Best Costume Design: God Help the Girl | All that Jazz | The Boxtrolls

Best Production Design: The Boxtrolls

Best Music: God Help the Girl | The Tune

See my complete rankings for the month on Letterboxd.

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