April 2013- Best & Worst

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This month, for reasons that I’ve mentioned many a time here I only managed to watch 11 films for the first time and three rewatches. So, what did the month of April have awaiting me? Well, for one, a recent movie by one of the most divisive comedy directors that I ended up loving much much much than I expected, a mind puzzler that lived up to the hype, and my second Ernst Lubitsch film, which did not live up to Ninotchka, but was fun none the less. I also caught up with two of last year’s high profile HBO releases, and a really fun IMAX spectacle.

So, since I viewed so few films, I’m going to limit the list to the best five films I saw for the first time rather than 10.

The Best

1. This is 40 (Judd Appatow, 2012)

2. Hemingway & Gellhorn (Phillip Kaufman, 2012)

3. Holy Motors (Leos Carax, 2012)

4. My Neighbors the Yamadas (Isao Takahata, 1999)

5. To Be or Not to Be (Ernst Lubitsch, 1942)

Worth Mentioning: Oblivion

Best Rewatch: The Great Mouse Detective

Worst: A Royal Affair


Best Director: Leos Carax, Holy Motors

Best Actor: Denis Lavant, Holy Motors

Best Actress: Nicole Kidman, Hemingway & Gellhorn

Best Supporting Actor: Felix Bressart, To Be or Not to Be

Best Supporting Actress: Edith Scob, Holy Motors

Best Screenplay: My Neighbors the Yamadas

Best Cinematography: Killing them Softly

Best Costume Design: The Girl

Best Production Design: Oblivion

Best Music: Oblivion


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