December 2012- Best & Worst


For the last month of the year, I was able to watch a few more films than usual thanks to the end of the semester and all that. I tried to get into the holiday spirit by watching a few Christmas films, but I just ended up watching Love Actually, and Robert Zemeckis’s The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol, all of which I had seen before.

The rest of the month was more or less dedicated to catching up on 2012 films, which is something I’ll be doing for a while. However, I did catch up on some films that I had meant to see many years before but I never got around to, for one reason or the other (one I only watched because it was about to expire on Netflix). So with that, I say good bye to 2012, and here’s hoping 2013 will bring me many great films.

So without further ado, here’s my December of 2012 in film:

The Best

1. The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955)

2. Chinatown (Roman Polanski, 1974)

3. Beasts of the Southern Wild (Behn Zeitlin, 2012)

4. Manhattan (Woody Allen, 1979)

5. Magic Mike (Steven Soderbergh, 2012)

6. The Queen of Versailles (Lauren Greenfield, 2012)

7. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Peter Jackson, 2012)

8. Ruby Sparks (Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, 2012

9. Ted (Seth MacFarlane, 2012)

10. Clueless (Amy Heckerling, 1995)

Best Rewatch: Pitch Perfect

The Worst: Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Amazing Spider-Man


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