Best Films Seen in November

I haven’t had much motivation to write long-form reviews in a while, so to get my groove back I thought I’d do something that most member of The Corrierino (see sidebar for link) and list the five to ten best and worst films I’ve seen in the past month. There won’t be write-ups or anything, just a list.

This month I didn’t watch many films since it is the end of semester at school, and anyone that has gone to college knows how chaotic those times get.

Best First Time Viewings:

1. In the Bedroom

2. Hugo

3. The Witches

4. The Black Stallion

5. The Muppets

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Best Re-watches

1. Sleepy Hollow

2. Another Year

3. Attack the Block

4. Winnie the Pooh

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2

The Worst

1. Water for Elephants

2. The Dark Crystal


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