D50: Home on the Range

As I sat there watching Home on the Range for the second time ever, I did not feel anger or shame for watching such a terrible movie. Rather, I felt sorry for everyone involved in it. I felt sorry for the 20 writers involved in this, from the story stages to the actual writing. So many writers were involved in this, and yet all they could come up with was the story of a group of cows trying to catch a bandit (the most ridiculously villain in Disney history) to save their farm. I felt sorry because they could only come up with despicable main characters, and terrible dialogue.

I felt sorry for the directors. Sure, it’s their own fault for ultimately being the writers who came up with the final draft of the script, but they have talent. Hell, one of them directed The Road to El Dorado, one of the most lauded Dreamworks movies. And since this movie, they have not done anything major.

I also felt sorry for most of the cast. Judy Dench, lengendary master thespian, Academy Award winner (with six total nominations) sounds like she read the script, saw how awful it was, and decided not to put any effort into her work and just cash her check. I felt sorry for Jennifer Tilly, who is a serviceable actress, but can’t get a good role, not even in animation. I felt sorry for Cuba Gooding Jr., who was given the worst role here, as that arrogant and hateful horse. He probably thought that he could get back into the spotlight by giving a scene-stealing role in an animated feature. But in the end, it was just another movie that gave him enough money to get him though the day while the memories of the guy who had potential after Jerry Maguire fade. However, I did not feel sorry for Roseanne Barr, who is just plain awful, and the type of comedy she does here fit the model of her career.

But I mostly felt sorry for the animators. They did a terrific job here, but it’s a shame that the script was so fucking terrible that it would overshadow their work. They dreamt for all their lives to work in this business, in 2D animation, and to think that some of them might be responsible for the downfall of hand drawn animation.

What a shame it is that Disney animation has reached these lows (and the worst is yet to come)


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