D50: Chicken Little

Chicken Little came about the time when Pixar’s deal with Disney was about to expire, and Disney was testing the waters of CG animation to see if they would survive in a world where that type of animation ruled and to see if they could survive without Pixar. It seems that to prove that they could, they decided to use the Dreamworks/Shrek formula. That is, have a familiar story or fairy tale, and spoof it by adding pop culture references, dialogue that today’s kids might use, and an upbeat soundtrack that would generate sales. When it was all said and done, the movie was a hit, but Disney and Pixar decided that it would be best if they stayed together. But the movie ended up being one of the worst pieces of shit that I have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

You know how I said that it uses the Dreamworks formula? Well, it takes that, and then dumbs it down even more. It does this by basically trying to appeal to the lowest denominator, that is the people that thought that Epic Movie and Vampires Suck were hilarious. Is having a pig sing “I Will Survie” when under pressure really funny? Is it funny that he has a Barbra Streisand collection and his mom threatens to take it away? Not really, so why was it put in there? From time to time they try to inject some emotion into the proceedings, but the movie is so chaotic that these moments only last for a few second and don’t have any effect.

And finally (I don’t feel like talking about the performances ranging from bad to terrible), the animation is so bad. This movie came out almost six years ago, and the animation has aged quite a bit. Hell, even the animation for Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Dinosaur, and A Bug’s Life is ever so superior.

Chicken Little is easily the worst Disney movie. It literally made my head hurt, so I don’t want to watch it ever again.

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