D50: Brother Bear

Along with Treasure Planet, and the upcoming Home on the Range, Brother Bear was one of the animated films that put a nail on the coffin for 2D animation at Disney. It wasn’t necessarily a box office failure, but since Treasure Planet was such an expensive flop, they had to rely on future movies to cover the costs of that movie. So, Brother Bear was also considered a failure. It was also a critical flop, scoring only 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, which most certainly didn’t help the cause for 2D animation. But after watching it for the first time since its release, I must say that, while it is not great, it is not terrible either.

The thing is that it all feels “been there, done that”. The animation is good, but nothing out of the ordinary. The story is one that has been done to death, and the voice performances are fine, but not outstanding. I honestly don’t even feel like writing at length about it. I’ll just say that it was cute, but nothing special.


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