30 Day Challenge – Day 6: Favorite Horror Movie

Horror is my least favorite genre. I do like to watch scary  movies, but my problem with the genre as a whole is that most of the time these movies, especially nowadays rely too much on shock value and extreme gore. Gore is fine, just as long as there is something to justify it. But movies like Saw just kind of turn me off from the genre. But most of the time, when a filmmaker gets things right in a horror film, it is usually something to behold, as is the case with my pick for my favorite horror movie.

Alfed Hitchcock’s Psycho starts out as what could be a story of a relationship that could never be. Eventually it turns into a story of a woman that needs to run away from her life, but goes about it the wrong way. Once we get to the Bates Motel, everything changes. The atmosphere set by Hitchcock and his DP turns darker and from that moment she arrives, and meets Norman Bates, you can’t shake that uneasy feeling.

This is why I love this movie so much. The atmosphere goes farther in adding tension to the story than any violence could have. Yes, there is the iconic shower scene, but thanks to the atmosphere you never really notice that there is little gore shown. He relied solely on his production team and Janet Leigh, and, well, he obviously succeeded.

The scenes after that, with Lila Crane (Vera Miles) working with her sister’s lover, trying to find her are just as tense, and wrap up this movie perfectly.

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