30 Day Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Comedy

I thought picking for this category was going to be easy since, although there are many great comedies out there, only a few I would put in top movies of all time. I thought about The Big Lebowski, the Coen’s irreverent comedy that needs more than one viewing to get it. Then there is Blazing Saddles, Mel Brook’s hilarious send-up of the western genre. But in the end I had to settle for another Brooks comedy: Young Frankenstein.

As you should already know, this movie is a parody of the Frankenstein movies, and the reason why I picked it is because Brooks shoots it as a serious creature feature. But thanks to his brilliant script, filled with endlessly quotable lines, well-developed characters, and a great cast that is up to doing everything that is required of them in the name of comedy, it is a laugh-riot from beginning to end.

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