D50: The Sword in the Stone

I wasn’t expecting much from The Sword in the Stone. Yes it has its fans, but when it comes the discussion of the truly classic Disney Classics, this is always left off. And yet, I felt extremely disappointed after watching it. To be fair, I was never into Arthurian legend (which is probably why I like the version with Clive Owen), but that is not really the reason why I dislike it.

First off, I HATED Merlin. He is supposed to be like this wise mentor, but he just comes off across as an idiot with a magic wand that was there only for comic relief. I also hated that he made reference of the future. That took me out of the movie every single time, and it took me a while to get back in it. Also, it is supposed to be about him training Arthur because he is meant for something great, although he doesn’t really know what it is. But it all looked like they were just going on silly journeys and turning into animals. Yes, he did learn something but he never used it during the duration of the film, thus rendering the first 60 of the 70 minutes worthless. The villain towards the end, Mme. Mim, I think that’s her name, was probably just thrown in there after realizing that there was no conflict in the movie. There are more things that destroy the movie, but these are the biggies.

However, there are a couple of good things. The animation is good, as good as 101 Dalmatians, at least. And I did like the characterization of Arthur. But these are not enough to make it good.

2 thoughts on “D50: The Sword in the Stone

  1. We all are different. I personally love this movie and find it an extremely philosophical and educational move by Walt Disney. The characters are amazing and I just love Merlin and how cantankerous, yet wise he can be! He’s like that elderly gentleman that you can’t help but love! But that’s just me!

  2. I agree with you. Nothing Arthur learns helps him take that sword out of the stone. Merlin talks a lot about education but why not have Arthur have to use his knowledge to solve the lessons? As a fish Arthur is saved by Archimedes. A squirrel he is saved by the girl squirrel and breaks her heart and as a bird he goes into Madame Mim’s house so Merlin can have a duel with her. What has Arthur done? I have no idea why he got the sword from the stone unless he was fated which it doesn’t take an education to do that…I don’t get why people love it because I feel like it is blue and gray and unpleasant. Sigh…

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