D50: Alice in Wonderland

Having never read Lewis Carroll’s novels upon which Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was based, I decided to read-up on them I bit. The most important thing I found out was that it is rather divisive, with those against it calling it pretentious nonsense, and its supporters claiming it is nonsense with some meaning. I also learned that just about everyone agrees that the movie fails as an adaptation of the novels. Having learned this, I can now feel safe in saying that I hated just about everything about this movie.

My main problem is that it is pure nonsense, and there is nothing boiling underneath that justifies it all. For example, had some sort of drug induced the dream sequences, and by the end she realized that drugs are bad, then I might have enjoyed it. But it wasn’t, and I felt that I had just wasted an hour and fifteen minutes. As for any specific quarrels that I have with the movie might be void since you can make a case that they fit within the world of the movie. For example, I hated the songs and when they came up, but since this is Wonderland and anything can happen, they fit. I hated the story with the walrus, but since anything can happen in wonderland, it fits. So, all I can say is that I hated it.

The only thing that I enjoyed about it was the animation. The character’s movements are natural, the character designs is great, and it is amazing how detailed everything is. But this alone can’t save it. This might anger some, but Tim Burton’s take on the story is much better.

3 thoughts on “D50: Alice in Wonderland

  1. I definitely disagree with you that the Tim Burton movie was better than this. I know it’s nonsense, but that was pretty much the point of the story: Alice wishing for a world where everything would be nonsense, getting her dream to come true, and regretting it afterwards. I’m a fan of nonsense myself, so maybe that’s why I love this film! Anyway, thanks for being honest!

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