D50: Bambi

I only saw this film for the first time recently. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I felt that since the world already knows that Bambi’s mom dies, and that many kids were scarred by such event I didn’t need to prioritize it. I didn’t really know anything else about it, not even that Bambi was actually a male. Therefore, I felt like I did not feel the need to seek it out and watch it. Once I did watch it I wanted to kick my self for not doing so years earlier, as it is pretty much the only Disney movie that reaches perfection from the ones I’ve seen so far.

While the film certainly builds up to the death of Bambi’s mom, it is much more than that. It doesn’t really have a plot, but it doesn’t need it as it is just telling us about the life of our title character as he grows up and gets to learn how the world works. It’s about the joyous moments that make us love our life, as well as the bad ones that we wish would not happen, and how we can’t really live without either of those. It is also quite a naughty movie. “Twitterpaddled” is now one of my favorite words ever. Overall, even though it’s about animals, it is a lesson on humanity, and that is what made me fall in love with it. Well, that and the filmmaking.

As far as animation goes, it was Disney’s best looking movie so far (still is one of their best looking). It cost a fortune to make since they spent so much money studying animals and how they move in certain situations, but it all certainly paid off. The script is also quite great as it does a great job of putting us in this world filled with cute animals and tense situations. And while there is some dialogue, it is only spoken when necessary, it is extremely well written and the voices that come out of the character’s mouths seems natural, which helped a lot in the suspension of disbelief. The music also adds to the beauty of the movie. Unlike Snow White or Pinocchio, the characters don’t break into unnecessary songs therefore interrupting the flow of the film. There are a couple of songs, but the animals do not perform them, they just perfectly placed in scenes where songs were needed. The score is terrific as well.

Some might dislike this film because it might seem too heavy-handed, or because it might be too cute to handle, but for me it is one of the few flawless movies I’ve seen.

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