D50: Fantasia

After watching this I had a hard time thinking of words that could describe how I felt about Walt Disney’s experiment in combining classical music and animation. And even right now, I’m can’t quite set my thoughts straight. So I’ll keep the write up on this one brief.

So, my thoughts in one word: Good. Like the previous two Disney features, the animation is gorgeous, and it really goes along with the selections of classical music. But the problem with it is that it goes on for too long, had a short be cut it would have been a great experience. I would have gotten rid of the dinosaur segment set to Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. I don’t really care for that particular musical piece (I would have been one of those who booed it during its first performance), and it didn’t really go along with the images of the evolution of the universe. Also, the sound bar segment was unnecessary. The rest of the shorts range from good to great, with my favorite being the trippy one with the hippos doing ballet.

It’s far from being great, but it was quite an experience, and I’m glad I sat through it.


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