Cinematic Heaven and Hell Presents: D50- A Journey Through the World of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney animated movies are a staple for just about everyone’s childhood. Whether you were scared nearly to death by the evil Maleficent, scarred by the death of Bambi’s mom, or thrilled by the musical number of The Lion King, you have a fond memory of the movies produced by the house that Mickey Mouse built.

So, in honor of their upcoming 51st feature, Winnie the Pooh, I decided to watch (and in some cases rewatch) all of the 50 animated movies that they have released so far. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find all of them, but I will try hard.

What I’ll do is watch one by one and then I’ll do some sort of review. When I’m finished I will make a list ranking them. I will also be doing this in a thread in the Corrierino forums with fellow member Mad F. Rockatansky. That’s it. So, I’ll start soon, and I hope you enjoy.

Here is a nifty video that came out prior to the release of Tangled that counted up the 50 movies, followed by a list.

Read the list after the cut.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

2. Pinocchio

3. Fantasia

4. Dumbo

5. Bambi

6. Saludos Amigos

7. The Three Caballeros

8. Make Mine Music

9. Fun and Fancy Free

10. Melody Time

11. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

12. Cinderella

13. Alice in Wonderland

14. Peter Pan

15. Lady and the Tramp

16. Sleeping Beauty

17. 101 Dalmatians

18. The Sword in the Stone

19. The Jungle Book

20. The Aristocats

21. Robin Hood

22. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

23. The Rescuers

24. The Fox and the Hound

25. The Black Cauldron

26. The Great Mouse Detective

27. Oliver & Company

28. The Little Mermaid

29. The Rescuers Down Under

30. Beauty & the Beast

31. Aladdin

32. The Lion King

33. Pocahontas

34. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

35. Hercules

36. Mulan

37. Tarzan

38. Fantasia 2000

39. Dinosaur

40. The Emperor’s New Groove

41. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

42. Lilo & Stitch

43. Treasure Planet

44. Brother Bear

45. Home on the Range

46. Chicken Little

47. Meet the Robinsons

48. Bolt

49. The Princess and the Frog

50. Tangled


One thought on “Cinematic Heaven and Hell Presents: D50- A Journey Through the World of Walt Disney Animation Studios

  1. Can u make one for Studio Ghibli? I really want to know ur thoughts on all of their movies.
    Pixar and dreamworks r not worth it to review. Pixar is perfect and there’s nothing to say. Dreamworks is too draining to review. But ghibli is special. It needs one.

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