For Your Consideration: 2010 Edition

I did something like this last year. At this point of the year, most studios are preocupied with pushing their awards ponies in hopes that that will boost the box office prospects of movies that would have a tough time having an audience. Only a few remain to be seen by critics (True Grit, Tron Legacy) and some of the most acclaimed have yet to be seen by audiences (The Fighter, Black Swan). So, here I will highlight what I think deserves to be recognized from what I’ve seen already. Not that any one who matters will read this, but still.

Unlike last year, I limit it to one film per category and will try to highlight those who will either have a hard time reaching a victory or have no chance at a nomination.

Best Picture: Toy Story 3

It is about time an animated movie won for best picture, and if not this and not now, when?

Best Director: Lee Unkrich, Toy Story

Likewise, it is about time an animation director gets some recognition.

Best Actor: Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

If there is one actor from The Social Network that faces an uphill climb, it is him. He just doesn’t have any “Oscar clip” kind of moments, but it’s a magnificent performance.

Best Actress: Tilda Swinton, I Am Love

Is there anybody out there that is into movies and doesn’t love the great Tilda? Anyone? Then if are an AMPAS member, vote for her.

Best Supporting Actor: Kieran Culkin, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scenery chewing at its greatest.

Best Supporting Actress: Olivia Williams, The Ghost Writer

Cold. Calculated. Haunting. Amazing.

Best Original Screenplay: The Kids Are All Right

Not one of my favorites of the year, but the screenplay is really refreshing and worthy of a nomination.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Toy Story 3

Michael Arndt broght back the character we all love in a big way, and that ending, oh my god. Come on AMPAS, animated films are also FILMS.

Best Animated Film: How to Train Your Dragon

It’s a lock, but I’ve not seen any other animated movies, except for Toy Story 3, so there.

Best Documentary: Catfish and Exit Through the Giftshop

Documentaries about subjects like these are usually not nominated, but they deserve to be.

Best Cinematography: I Am Love

Pure eye candy.

Best Art Direction: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Yes, it follows Brian Lee O’Malley’s designs to a tee, but they did an awesome job bringing it to life.

Best Costume Design: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

They are not as flashy as period costumes, but they are creative and they perefectly captured the feeling of today’s fashion, even when sometimes they went a tad over-the-top

Best Original Score: The Ghost Writer by Alexandre Desplat

The best and most creative score of the year. Listen to “The Truth About Ruth” and then tell me it doesn’t deserve a nomination. I dare you to do that.

Best Original Song: “Threshold” from Scott Pilgrim Vs.  The World

After two more viewings, this is the only one from the movie that actually has a chance since it is the only one that is played in full and is performed during an important part of the film.

Best Editing: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

The most seamless and actually awesome editing of the year.

Best Sound Editing & Best Sound Mixing: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

The most creative sound work of the year.

Best Makeup: Splice

Horror movies are rarely nominated here (although some might consider Norbit a horror movie), but that shouldn’t take away from the quality work here.


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