List: 10 Endings That Made Me Cry (Spoilers!)

I love an ending that makes me cry, but only if it is for the right reasons. The tears have to come because I feels in touch with all the characters and the situation that they have just gone through. And this is not easy to come by these days. Sure, I have cried more than 10 times during the last two years, but sometimes it feels like you have to cry because they are putting down the dog, or because so and so dies of cancer. I’m not saying that I should not cry, but when the movie is over and I analyze what I just saw, the tears weren’t really justified.

So, I thought about the 10 most memorable times I’ve cried at the end of a movie or television show narrowed them down to 10. Most of them are recent movies or shows, with a couple of exceptions, but that’s because, they are fresher in my mind.

So, here are the 10 ending that made me cry (in alphabetical order):


So, all throughout the movie, we have been hoping that Cee and Robbie would get back together and that Briony, although she has learned her lesson, gets what she deserves and reveals the truth. Well, it all happens, everything goes accoriding to plan, but then we cut to a bunch of TV monitors with Vanessa Redgrave’s face, apparently doing an interview. Then she sort of reveals that everything that we have just watched is fiction, and is part of a book she wrote. The characters and the situations were real, but Robbie and Cee never saw each other after the incident. She was killed in a raid in London and he dies from a wound in Dunkirk. The book she wrote was a way to give them the happy ending that they never got.

This could have been a cheap reveal and a scapegoat to have a non-Hollywood ending, but what makes this fantastic and made me cry was the way Joe Wright focuses on Redgrave, everything else around her covered in shadow. Also, had it not been for Redgrave’s perfect deliver of those final lines packed an incredible sucker punch.

“Battlestar Galactica”- “Daybreak”

Througout the series there were moments that drew some moisture out of my eyes. But the final episode is the one that truly got to me. After sitting through all the adventures that Commander Adama, his crew, and the rest of the fleet went through, to finally see them reach a place where they could prosper (but very dark times will follow), made me happy. Also, when all the stories wrap up, I could not hold back the tears.  Roslin finally dies, but in the company of her lover, Baltar finally comes to terms with his past, and we finally find out what happened to Starbuck after that explosion. But the moments that drew the most tears was the shot of the Galactica and the rest of the ships making their way towards the sun to be destroyed as the people want a fresh start. Greatest TV finale ever.

Big Fish

From the sequence that is formed when Will is telling his dad how “he goes” to the funeral where he sees the truth behind the character that made up his father’s stories, I could not hold back the tears. Will was such an asshole all the time that seeing him realize how important the stories were for his dad, and that in fact all those stories were for his own good was almost like watching Hans Landa get his due. And the song that plays as the credits start rolling is perfection.

Cinema Paradiso

This movie is really heartfelt, but it wasn’t until the end that tears came. After seeing how much Alfredo shaped up Salvatore’s life, from his future career as a film maker to giving him relationship advice, it just touched me deep to see him watching the pieces of film reel that were censored out of films when he was a child. It showed that Alfredo really did care for him and knew he was going to be great one day.

City Lights

Three words: Greatest. Ending. Ever.

Million Dollar Baby

This is the first time that I recall crying in a theater. I was extremely invested in the characters that I felt that the actions that Frankie took were right. Eastwood’s peformance completely sells this.

Moulin Rouge!

We know Satine is going to die. But Christian doesn’t and I can’t imagine what the character must have gone through when he sees the love of his life just collapse. A tragic, but ultimately beautiful ending.

The Notebook

The best movie Nicholas Sparks will ever be involved in. Scot Caan’s performance makes this, and seeing Genna Rowland’s character getting her memory back, if only for a moment, to die along with her husband…if you don’t at least shed a tear, you are an inanimate object

“Pushing Daisies”- “Kerplunk”

It’s not even the series’ best episode, and it doesn’t really work like a series finale. However, they way the creators handled  those last few seconds, with Chuck revealing to her aunts that she is alive, Emerson finally about to see his daughter again, Olive finally finding love, was great, and a good way to end the show given the circumstances

Toy Story 3

If you’ve seen it, you know why. If you haven’t, why are you here, GO OUT AND SEE IT!


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