Review: She’s Out of My League

She’s Out of My League | Jim Lee Smith, 2010

Last year there was a movie called Fanboys about Star Wars fans trying to break into George Lucas’ ranch to see Episode I before anyone else. That movie was extremely flawed, and many critics disliked it for that same reason, but I still liked it because it had one thing that many movies of its kind lacked: heart. The same thing can be said for She’s Out of My League. Sure, it is your average romantic comedy, but there is something about it that made me feel good, despite the fact that every once in a while it has to divert to infantile humor.

In the movie Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, a guy who works for TSA in Pittsburgh. He’s a charming, and someone good looking guy who has a hard time getting a girl. Add to that the fact that his family is horrible and they seem to like her ex-girlfriend more than him. One day, Molly (Alice Eve) walks in to the airport and everyone is smitten. After she loser her phone and he finds it, then returns it, they start going out. And Kirk is confused. How could a girl as hot as her could date him. We spend the rest of the movie finding out if what they have is real, and like always, things end in an airport.

Let’s start with the things I liked. Jay Baruchel is really good here. Sure, he is playing just about every role that he has played, but he does it well. He is not leading man material, but he does enough for the role. Alice Eve is indeed hot, and her performance is oddly believable. I expected this character to be despicable and the actress to not be good, but I was surprised. The rest of the cast is also really good given the material they had to work with. Then there was the humor. It is indeed very childish, but the actor’s delivery made it work (just like in Hot Tub Time Machine).

And the bad…I really have no complaints about it. Sure, the direction, the script, the music, etc. Could have been better, it is a very poor production, but it all works. I doubt I’m gonna see it again, and I’m sure it will age horribly, but I had fun watching it.


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