Catching Up With Television: “True Blood” Season 2

Spoilers Ahead, I will update this post as I see more episodes

Episode 1- Nothing but the Blood

Summary: The episode opens right where the last season ended, outside Merlotte’s and with Sookie and Tara screaming after they find a body inside Detective Bellefleur’s car. It turns out that it was Miss Jeanette, the woman who exorcised Tara’s mom. Also, we find out that Lafayette was taken hostage, but we don’t know who it was. Meanwhile, Bill is forced to tell Sookie about Jessica, which causes some trouble. And Jason Stackhouse goes to a Fellowship of the Sun camp, where he is loved by the leaders. And Sam is uneasy about the prescense of Maryann

Thoughts: Although it was nice to see these characters return (I don’t have HBO, so I’m a year behind), the episode as a whole was not strong enough. The writing was a bit iffy, the performances were off a little bit, and the excitement was not there. But, I liked it enough

Episode 2- Keep This Party Going

Summary: Jessica is starting to miss her parents, especially after she sees them on TV.  So, she convinces Sookie to take  her to see them, but of course things don’t go over well. We find out that Lafayette’s abductor was Eric as he is questoning just about every human about who burned down that house that had seven vampires in it. Maryann visits Sam’s restaurant and nearly starts an orgy, which irk Sam. We then find out some of the stuff Maryann is capable of. Jason, meanwhile continues to impress the leaders of the Fellowship of the Sun. And finally, Eric asks Bill permission to use Sookie again to find a 2000 year old vampire that has been kidnapped.

Thoughts: This episode was much better. Now the cheesiness that is part of the greatness of the show returns to a good level, I’m starting to love Jessica, as she is not quite as obnoxious as I thought she was going to be (at least not yet anyways). Also, Maryann’s story is getting good despite the fact that I hate her (that makes two character played by Michelle Forbes that I hate). Everything is almost back to normal.

Episode 3- Scratches

Summary: A strange creature attacks Sookie and Bill’s blood did not help her heal so he has to get help from Eric. There they find out that the wound she got from the attack contained poison, and she could die. When she wakes up, she finds out that Eric has Lafayette, and bargains with him to let him go in exchange for her help to find the missing vampire. Jason is starting to have doubts about the Fellowship, but, of course, they sweet-talk him into believing them again. Maryann throws a party at her house that once again nearly turns into an orgy, which makes Tara start to doubt Maryann. Also, Jessica makes her way to Merlott’s and catches the eye of Hoyt

Thoughts: My interest on the plot just went up. The creature in the beginning was creepy as hell and I want to know what it is. Maryann’s story continues to get more and more interesting as I’m led to believe that these people behaving badly give her some sort of power. The plot with the Fellowship of the sun makes me angry, but I guess that is what it is supposed to do. And, well, that’s religion for ya.

Episode 4- Shake and Fingerpop

Summary: After the previous night’s happenings, Tara decides to move out of Maryann’s and go live with Sookie. But since it is her birthday, Maryann throws her a surprise party at Sookie’s, which of course, turns into an orgy. Meanwhile Sookie, Bill and Jessica make their way to Dallas. At the airport someone tries to kidnap Sookie, and we find out that it was the Fellowship of the sun. Jason, meanwhile, continues to become the pet of the leaders of the Fellowship, and they ask him to be a Soldier of the Sun and make him stay in their house, while the other soldiers stay elsewhere.

Thoughts: Things are getting so much more interesting. We are getting closer to finding the truth about Maryann and the strange creature, while the battle between the Fellowhip and the vampires heats up. And I’m having lots of fun with Jessica. She is becoming my favorite character. And the way the episode ends, gosh, I just want to keep watching.

Episode 5- Never Let Me Go

Summary (from IMDB): Still in Dallas with Bill and Jessica, Sookie is intent on keeping her part of the bargain and try to find the missing Godric despite the strange behavior of his cohorts. Eric tells Bill his true reason for wanting to find Godric. Sookie tries to learn more from the bellhop who has telepathic powers. Back in Bon Temps, most are still recovering from the effects of Tara’s birthday party. Sam learns that he and Daphne have more in common that he could ever have imagined. Maryann announces that she is moving into Sookie’s house and when told that she can’t, casts a spell on Tara to get her to change her mind. Over at the Light of Day Institute, Jason continues to impress with his leadership skills. Fed up with husband Steve’s lack of attention and respect however, Sarah Newlin decides to spend a little private time with Jason.

Thoughts: At this point, I don’t think that I will say that an episode is bad. If I did, I don’t think I would have watched five episodes in a row. Now, on the specifics: I’m liking Sookie’s adventures in Dallas, although I do hope that they won’t spend more time than needed. It was also nice to see Sam finally getting lucky in love, but things are fishy. And Maryann, god, how I want them to just finish her off. And the ending with Sarah Newling and Jason was funny.

Episode 6- Hard-Hearted Hanna

Summary (from IMDB): Tara and Eggs are driving down the highway when he suddenly realizes he has memories of having been there before. As he explores the nearby woods, he realizes it is an evil place. Sam and Daphne are having a good time and go frolicking in the woods. She has a surprise for him that is not welcome. Eric is out to take possession of Sookie and has Bill’s old girlfriend, who has not seen him for 70 years, come to town. We learn that Bill was not always the gentle, mild-mannered vampire he is today. In Dallas, Sookie is partnered with Hugo – another human who is dating a vampire – for their visit to the Light of Day Institute. Posing as an engaged couple looking for a church to wed, they meet the Newlins and have a tour of the church – but Steve also has a surprise for them. Jason is asked to build a scaffold for a sunrise ceremony where a vampire will be exposed to the dawn sun before the entire congregation. Jason is having serious doubts about whether he wants to be part of this group.

Thoughts: Every time Tara sees something strange with Maryann and her group, I just want her to piece things together. And things with her just get weirder when Sam and Daphne take a walk in the woods, with an unwelcome surprise for Sam. The stuff with Sookie in the church is actually rather intense, as well as what is going on between Bill and Lorena.

Episode 7- Release Me

Summary (From IMDB): Still being held in the basement at the Church, it becomes obvious to Sookie that Steve knew they were coming, but is not sure why. That tells her there is a spy among them. She tries to get a message to Bill, but he is being held prisoner by his maker, who refuses to let him go after the woman he loves. In flashbacks, Bill’s conversion to a less violent lifestyle is revealed. When Steve learns Sookie’s true identity, he makes the connection with Jason and assumes he’s a spy. As they begin to wreak their vengeance, Sookie is saved by someone she has yet to meet. Back at the hotel Jessica and Hoyt decide to sleep together. In Bon Temps, Sam manages to escape, courtesy of a drunken Andy Bellefleur. Any plans he may have had for getting even with Daphne are overtaken by Maryann who has her own plans for her acolyte. The rest of the revelers have no memory of what happened the night before.

Thoughts: Things on the church get even more intense now that they think that Jason is spy. I mean, those people are crazy. They say their message is love, and yet they do all those thinigs. Come on! The stuff with Jessica and Hoyt provide a welcome rest from all the crazy goings on. And I do hope that someone will listen and believe Sam and Andy Bellefleur.

Episode 8- Timebomb

Summary (From IMDB): Having saved Sookie, Godric orders Eric to leave the premises with her – and to do so peacefully. Unfortunately, Steve Newlin and his followers are waiting for them in the Church and he isn’t too choosy as to which vampire they use for their sunrise ceremony. Godric tries a different approach and hopes to make peace with Steve, who adamantly opposes any such possibility. Safely returned to their lair, Godric’s peaceful approach and lack of desire for revenge doesn’t sit well with some of his followers. Steve also has a surprise for him. In Bon Temps, Eggs tells Tara that he’s blacked out again and they try to piece together where he’s been. Maryann prepares a special dish for them. Sam Merlotte finds himself under arrest when Daphne’s body is found in the restaurant freezer. Having finally slept together, Jessica and Hoyt discover a disadvantage to Jessica being a vampire.

Thoughts: The first showdown between the vampires and the Fellowship of the Sun finally happens, and although it is a bit anti-climatic, it is still quite a scene. And the way the episode ends…wow. I found the stuff with Lorena to be rather depressing. I guess she deserved what she got, but it still seemed a bit harsh. And the Hoyt-Jessica relationship is still fantastic.

Episode 9- I will Rise Up

Summary (from IMDB): Vampires and humans clean up in the aftermath of the explosion. Eric tricks Sookie into drinking some of his blood, much to Bill’s dismay. As a result of the lapse in security, Godric’s leadership falls under review but his response surprises everyone, especially Eric, who begs him not to go through with his plan. In Bon Temps, Maryann is out to find Sam Merlotte and complete the ritual sacrifice. She casts a spell on everyone in Sam’s bar to get them to look for him. Lafayette and Tara’s mother forcibly remove her from Sookie’s house. Hoyt and Jessica get used to their situation and Hoyt decides it’s time to introduce his true love to his vampire-hating mother.

Thoughts: The aftermath of the suicide bombing is actually what I expected. Yet, it still irks me that those fools are on TV defending the action of their group. The Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle is getting interesting. And the Maryann storyline is getting more and more interesting. I just hope that the climax does not disappoint.

Episode 10- New World in My View

Summary (from IMDB): Sookie, Jason and Bill return to Bon Temps only to find the town looking like a disaster area. Everyone is under Maryann’s spell and looking for Sam Merlotte who has been shape shifting to avoid capture. At Bill’s house, they find that Hoyt Fortenberry’s mother Maxine is in residence, also under the spell and driving Jessica to the breaking point. At Sookie’s house they find Maryann in firm control. Bill has a nasty experience with her but Sookie seems to have a strange power that hasn’t been seen before. At Lafayette’s house, they find Tara who is in a deep trance. No one, even Bill, has seen anything quite like this but he knows someone who may be able to explain everything.

Thoughts: One of my least favorite episodes of the season as all we see is Sookie, Bill, and Jason catching up with all that was going on in Bon Temps. But it was fun seeing Jason putting on his tough guy act.

Episode 11- Frenzy

Summary (from IMDB): Bill visits the vampire Queen of Louisiana to see what he can learn about Maryann and how they might be able to defeat her. The Queen isn’t too preoccupied with Bill’s requirements but does eventually tell him what has to be done. Back in Bon Temps, those who are not under Maryann’s control plan their next moves. Sam Merlotte decides they need help and visits Eric who reluctantly agrees to see what he can do. Sookie and Lafayette have to try and rescue Tara yet again after she escapes and returns to Sookie’s house in an attempt to save Eggs. Hoyt storms out of Bill’s house after he and Jessica have a big fight over his mother. His mother reveals a few truths about his father

Thoughts: The stuff with the queen was interesting, but it was definitely not Evan Rachel Wood’s best performance. But I would like to see more of the character. The rest does live up to the title of the episode as crazy stuff happens all over. Not one of my favorite episodes.

Episode 12- Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Summary (from IMDB): The mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

Thoughts: Not a very good finale. The solution that the queen gave Bill was rather simple, but obviously no one would have thought of it before. And the way it was directed and edited made feel bland rather than tense and exciting. And they spend way too much time wrapping things up and setting up the third season. However, I’m still interested in the show, and I can’t wait to catch up with the third season next year.


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