Review: Leap Year

Leap Year | Anand Tucker, 2o1o

Now a days it doesn’t take much to make a romantic comedy that seems to be better than the rest. Yet, Hollywood doesn’t get it and keeps churning out generic romance after generic romance. With this being the case, it doesn’t take much for those to be elevated by a single thing, whether it is one performance, or if the directors work is better than the others that work in this type of film. Leap Year is the type of film that goes through all the motions of a typical Hollywood movie, but thanks to a fun performance from Amy Adams and surprisingly not-horrible direction from Anand Tucker, it is a rather enjoyable movie.

Leap Year, as you might imagine, is about a successful woman named Anna Brady (Amy Adams), who has been in a relationship for a long time with her asshole boyfriend. One day she thinks he is going to propose because her friend saw him at a jewelry store. But since there has to be at least 80 minutes in the film, he doesn’t propose. He goes on a business trip to Ireland, and it just so happens that on every February 29 a woman can propose to her boyfriend, so she decides she is going to do that. By this time there is still about an hour left of running time, so things don’t go as planned because of the weather. So she is forced to go by car, so she has to hire someone to take her to Dublin. It just so happens that the only person that has a taxi service in the little town she was in is the heartless bastard that thinks love is stupid, but also happens to be incredibly good looking (Matthew Goode). So, they set on their journey, goofy things happen, and they fall in love, but there is still that thing about her wanting to get engaged to her boyfriend, so whatever will Anna do?

Let me just say that I think that the script is bad. It has just about every cliché in the book, from stepping in cow poop and tripping in mud, to walking into a door. Plus there are all the typical character and cringe-worthy dialogue. Yet, thanks to Anand Tucker’s direction, the blow is softened. His work here is not like the kind you find in a typical romantic comedy. There is not a current popular song that plays after each scene, he worked with his DP to make Ireland one of the characters and he succeeds to a degree, and he never went over the top. His only crime here was sticking close to the script. He should have cut at least a couple of scenes with horrible slapstick.

Then there is Amy Adams. No matter what movie she is in, she always makes it better. Whether it is her breakthrough role in Junebug or her amazing turn in Enchanted she always does everything in her power to give a good performance, and the movies are only better for that. So, it is no surprise that she once again made me glad that I sat though the movie. She reads those horrible lines in a way that lines so bad don’t deserve to be read. Plus, she is charming and does what she can to have some chemistry with Matthew Goode (not very good here).

I feel like I should have hated this movie, but I really can’t. It is a nice way to spend an afternoon when you really don’t want to watch anything heavy or loud.

2 thoughts on “Review: Leap Year

  1. Strange review. You start out really hating it and still gives it three stars and say you’d like to see it again?
    I thought Leap Year was under rated. Especially compared to the harsh reviews it got.

    • I’m just saying that it is the type of movie that I would hate but because of Amy Adams and the unusually good direction, I enjoyed it.

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