Short Reviews: I’m Here, New Moon

I’m Here | Spike Jonze, 2010

This is a short film about a robot who lives in a world where robots and people live in harmony. Yet, Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) is depressed because his life is boring. One day he meets a female robot (Sienna Guillory), and his life changes completely.

This short is as only Spike Jonze could have done it: highly inventive, and realistic despite the circumstances of the plot. Could it have been made with humans? Yes, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact, at least on me. Hopefully a presentation at the Sundance Film Festial to get it consideration for next years Oscar in the Live-Action Short category.

New Moon | Chris Weitz, 2009

Stephanie Meyer’s tale of sexual abstinence continues with New Moon. This time, Bella is more depressed than ever after Edward leaves (along with the entire Cullen clan) after Jasper tries to eat her. Then it turns out that she can see him if she does stupid stuff, like riding motorcycles. In her journey to do stupid stuff she forms a relationship with Jake, but he is going through wolf puberty so he has to stop seein her. He then joins the brotherhood of the shirtless wolf and they go around killing vampires. So… more things happen and Edward thinks Bella died so he goes to Italy to commit suicide by showing the humans that he sparkles in the sun and then the vampire royalty would kill him.

Yeah, so this series is stupid, and the fans annoy me, but as I sat there watching this I did not cringe or anything, but a feeling of indifference washed over me. It is competent enough it its production to save it from the story. And it has a good score (which is bad considering he had a lot of great scores last year), plus I’ve developed infatuations for Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene, so that took some of the sting out. Everything else is just meh. This just might be the mehest movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s better than Twilight, but that’s not saying much.


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