Short Reviews: In the Loop, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Capitalism-A Love Story

In The Loop | Armando Iannucci, 2009

A lowly British politician says that a U.S. war in the middle east is “unforeseeable” in the radio, then all hell breaks loose. The Prime Minister wants him to say that he didn’t mean it. Some U.S. politicians want to use him as an excuse to prevent war. Then the British want him to go to the U.S to say that Britain is for war. That just sets up the basic plot for this movie, but there is much more to it than that.

In the Loop is a funny and clever satire about U.S. politics and how the British are drawn to support them, as well as the going-ons of preparing for a war. The strenght of the movie lies in the hypnotic dialogue, which grabs from from the moment the first of many f-bombs are dropped. The dialogue would have never succeeded without the great cast. The highlight of the cast is Peter Capaldi as Malcom Tucker, the Prime Minister’s communications chief. He has so many outrageous things to say, and he does it with so much gusto, andhe acts accordingly to his dialogue, which makes his work even more incredible.

I did not find In the Loop as hilarious as others, but I laughed plenty and loved the dialogue and the characters. This is one of my favorite movies of the year.

The Time Traveler’s Wife | Robert Schwentke, 2009

I tried to read the book about two years ago when the movie was being made, but I found it tedious, so I just stopped reading. Still, I looked forward to the movie because of my love for Rachel McAdams. In the end, the movie didn’t turn out to be as bad, but I would have hated for that horrible ending were it not for McAdams’s performance.

This movie does a good job of condensing the humongous book into a simple, yet fully developed movie. The direction is fine, but nothing stands out. With the exception of McAdams, the performance are merely adequate. But the ending is one of the dullest endings I’ve seen in a long time. They tell you how it is going to end, but I guess I was expecting something huge leading to that event, but no. This is just an avarage movie, but Rachel McAdams’ performance tips it toward the “good” category.

Capitalism: A Love Story | Michael Moore, 2009

Michael Moore takes on modern capitalism and he does what he does to ever subject he takes on: mocks it and uncovers some awful truths about them. For this movie, Moore does indeed find some disturbing things, such as the “Dead Peasants” and the memo Citi Group sent to its investors warning them about an uprise against big corportaions. However, as a movie, it is not very good. Moore got too crazy with the archive footage, and the footage of people suffering from the economic crisis is not nearly as powerful as it should have been. Plus, his humor is not as sharp or funny as with his other movies.

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