Short Reviews: 2012, The Invention of Lying, Couples Retreat

2012 | Roland Emmerich, 2009

I have learned to cope with the fact that any Emmerich movie will be ridiculous. Because of this, my criteria for whether or not I like one of his movie are these two things: how much fun I have, and the effort the actors put into saying the horrible dialogue. 2012 failed to deliver on both of these.

This movie has all the clichés of a disaster movie: A father trying to win his kids back, a sweet and quirky daughter that loves her daddy, a son who calls his dad by his first name, a wife that has already moved on, a president-daughter relationship, estranged fathers and sons, stereotypes, an evil government guy who only looks after himself, and a crazy guy. Yet, these don’t add up to fun because the actors don’t put any effort into their work and because the movie is too damn long. For every 10 minutes of dialogue we get 20 of things being destroyed, and that gets old after a while. Plus, it pissed me off that the writers didn’t have the balls to actually destroy the planet and they have to gives us a hopeful ending (it reminded me of Battlestar Galactica’s finale). This supposedly is Emmerich’s last disaster movie, and I really hope it is.

The Invetion of Lying | Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson, 2009

When I heard that Ricky Gervais was making a movie about an alternate reality where nobody lies and the one guy who discovered how to lie and uses it to his advantage, I was excited. Then it was announced that the cast included not only Gervais, but Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Johna Hill, Louis C.K, and Tina Fey, so that added to my excitement. However, it was such a disappointment.

The only problem the movie has is the script, and it is bad enought that it completely destroys the film. Yes, we get that the people here can only say the truth, but are they supposed to say everything that comes to mind? Did we really have to know that the waitress at the casino wanted to be a stripper but isn’t pretty enough? Did somebody ask her that? If so, I didn’t hear. The movie is full of stuff like that, and while it is clever in the beginning, it gets very old by the end. The cast also disappoints. The cameos by various actors and Jennifer Garner are the only good things about the whole cast, everyone else is just meh.

Couples Retreat | Peter Billingsley, 2009

It’s as bad as people say. Do not watch it.


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