Review: The Boys Are Back

The Boys Are Back | Scott Hicks, 2009

In my review of Adam I said that every once in a while I like to watch a movie that doesn’t necessarily have to be challenging and original, but does have to make me feel good. That movie failed to do that. Based on what I had heard, I thought that The Boys Are Back would have the same effect on me that Adam had. In the beginning it felt like it would, but as the movie went along I got into it and really enjoyed it.

This movie tells the story of Joe Warr (Clive Owen), a sports writer in Australia. He has a loving wife and a young son. One day, his wife dies so he is left alone to take care of his son, something that he doesn’t believe he is ready to do. On top of that, his teenage son from a previous marriage who lives in London wants to stay with him for a while. This allows for the story to progress and for Joe to grow up and realize how to be a good dad.

The main problem of the movie, and the only thing that keeps it from being more than just a good movie, is the script. The dialogue is just average, and some of the scenes feel like they do not belong. The script also restricted the actors from fully becoming the characters they were portraying and the director from being more creative. However, the story is good enough for it to just work. I like that the main focus is how he raises his children. A love interest is thrown in there, but it doesn’t go very far because the writer did realize that it had to be about a father-son relationship.

The performances are good all througout, but the only one worth talking about is Clive Owen.He just makes the character so believable even though he doen’t have much room to grow. This is one of his best performances so far, right after his work in Gosford Park.

One other thing that I liked was the look of the film. It by no means has great cinematography, but it does look good compared to other movies of this type. Plus, the way the movie looks fits perfectly with the Sigur Ros songs that play throughout the movie.

The Boys Are Back is just a good movie, but it is heartwarming and features an outstanding performance from Clive Owen. It could have been much better had it had a good script, but as it stands, it is a good way to pass the time.

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