Review: Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body | Karyn Kusama, 2009

Although many people would have you believe the opposite, I thought that one of Juno‘s strongest aspects was Diablo Cody’s script. Sure, the dialogue wasn’t realistic but it was original and fun. However, what was fun and original there, seemed ridiculous and unnecessary in Jennifer’s Body. This is just one thing in a line of horrible things that flood the movie.

Jennifer’ Body follows Needy (Amanda Seyfried), a nerdy girl who lives in a small town and whose best friend is Jennifer (Megan Fox), who is, as expected, the hottest and most popular girl in school. One day, they go to a concer, there is a fire, and the band takes Jennifer, it just so happens that they were going to sacrifice her so they can be popular. However, they didn’t know she was not a virgin, so instead of being killed, Jennifer was possed by a demon, and she now has to kill people to survive. Needy finds this out and sets out to kill her.

I already talked about how awful the script is, so rather than keeping on bashing that, I have to talk about what else makes this awful. First off, a good director can save a movie from a bad script, which is not what Karyn Kusama does. This movie is supposed to be an homage to ’80s horror movies, yet it does not have that feel to it. Those movies look and feel cheesy, but this one tries that and only comes off looking and feeling cheap. Also, she was not able to get good performances out of her actors.

I feel like Megan Fox could give a good performance one day. I thought she was good in the part where she got to be a bit dramatic and sad. But for the rest of the time she had to be a sex bomb, and she just doesn’t do that very well. I’d love to see a full dramatic performance from her. Amanda Seyfried is usually the best in crappy movies, such as Mamma Mia! but she didn’t give it her all she could. She seemed uncomfortable and bored. Johnny Simmons plays Needy’s boyfriend, and that’s it. He is just there. And J.K. Simmons… I don’t know why he did this, seriously.

Jennifer’s Body had potential, yet it never managesd to rise above it’s awful script. Everyone involved can do better, even Fox.


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