Review: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity | Oren Peli, 2009

Horror is my least favorite genre of movies. However, I do like to watch a good one every once in a while. The problem is that good horror movies are rarely made. But when a good one is made, it tends to be really good. This year, strangely, I saw three really good horror movies: Drag Me to Hell, Trick ‘r Treat, and, the focus of this review, Paranormal Activity. I had expected goodness from the first two titles based on who the director (Drag Me to Hell) or from years of anticipation and strong word of mouth (Trick ‘r Treat). Paranormal Activity had strong word of mouth and reviews, yet I could not buy into the hype. I’m not usually a fan of “found footage” movies (except for Cloverfield), so I skipped it.  I’m sure I lost something by not watching in theaters with an audience, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

As I said, this is a “found footage” movie that “documents” the 21 days Micha and Katie are haunted by a demon. Things start with strange noises. Katie, the person that is being haunted, just wants it to go away. However, Micha wants something big to happen to record it and he wants to stop it by himself. Things eventually get worse, and it leads to the creepy and proper finale.

Even though I didn’t watch in theaters, it still creeped me out a lot. I didn’t jump out of my seat, but I got chills all throughout the movie. I guess this had a lot to do with the performance from Katie Featherston. She is so convincing in this that if I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was real. Micah Sloat was good, but the character was just blah. This movie is without a doubt one of the most entertaining movies of the year, and one of the best horror movies of the decade.


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