Review: Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. | Robert Kenner, 2009

Food is one of the most basic things that human beings need to survive. For this reason, one should expect that when we buy food we are getting the best products possible. This means, that we should not worry about whether a head of lettuce is safe to eat, or if that steak is going to make us sick. Also, since it is such a basic necessity for the entire human race, we should not have to go broke when trying to feed our families. Sadly, this is not the way things are.

Food, Inc. sets out to uncover the truth about the food industry. They take on how food is processed, how the chemicals that are put into the food affect the environment and ourselves. There are also parts about people that have been affected by the mishandling of food and how some of them are fighting to make the US congress pass better food regulation laws. One of the parts that caught my attention the most is about how animals are fed corn to make them grow faster, despite the fact that some of them (especially cows) are not supposed to eat corn. However, the most important, and infuriating of them all, is the segment on Monsanto, a company that was able to genetically engineer corn that is impervious to poison to kill weeds. At first not many farmers used this, but about 8 years later 90% of farmers used it, and they have to continue to buy the seeds because they are not allowed to use the seeds that naturally grow from the Monsanto seeds.

My descriptions cannot do justice to the message that this movie is trying to say. You are better off watching this. Did it make me a vegetarian? No. Did it change the way I look at what I eat? Yes, but as long as the economy is the way it is and prices for good products go up, I’m afraid I’m going to have to continue to live the way I do. You owe it to your self to see this movie.


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