Review: Michael Jackson’s This is It

Michael Jackson’s This is It | Kenny Ortega, 2009

I was never a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Sure, I liked his music (I mean, who doesn’t like “Thriller”), but was more familiar with his legal woes than anything. So, I can’t say that I was excited to see this “Documentary.” I wasn’t even morbidly curious about it. But I now wish that I had seen it in theaters for it was quite extraordinary.

This is It is made up of rehearsal footage that was filmed during Jackson’s preparations for his 50 performances in London in July of 2009. It was cut to be like what the people in London would have seen during the concerts, but of course, without an audience or the proper look of the performance. This movie shows Jackson being a perfectionist, trying to get everything right for the concerts, but never being difficult when people didn’t do what he wanted. He was nice to his musicians, dancers, producers, etc. It also shows that at the age of 50, and weeks before he would pass away, he still had it going on. His voice was still in shape, and his moves, thought not quite as energetic because of his age and because he was just rehearsing, was still great. It pretty much is teaser for what would have been a great show.

I must mention that the movie would not have been what it is without the editors. They did an amazing job of pretty much creating good musical numbers out of many hours of footage, some number which might have been captured in their entirety.

This is It is an entertaining movie that shows a music icon doing what he love, and that he still had it. The world may have lost one of the greatest musicians of all time, but his music still will be heard and loved by generations to come.


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