Short Reviews: My Sister’s Keeper, Thirst

My Sister’s Keeper | Nick Cassavetes, 2009

I was ready to hate this movie, I truly was. The reviews were rather bad, and I had heard about the book’s original ending, and I thought that it was the worst thing ever written. However, I could not help it and the movie won me over.

Mind you, it is nor a great movie, it is merely good, and its problems do not allow it to go above that level. I didn’t like the beginning, how each character was narrating their take on the story. I felt it was unnecessary. Also, I didn’t like Cameron Diaz’s performance. I just could not take her seriously. She went way over the top in some scenes. In fact, the only performers who were above just “good” were Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva. The only thing I truly loved about it was the cinematography.

By the end of the movie I shed a couple of tears, so I guess this movie did it’s job.

Thirst | Park Chan-Wook

I wan’t expecting this. I thought this was going to be a fun vampire movie that would serve as a breath of fresh air among the Twilight times, but it was just the opposite. While it is very bloody, it just has the feel of a drama, not of a horror movie. It is way too preocupied by the drama that is caused by the main character’s dilemma of not wanting to kill people and be with the woman he loves, and it just bored me. Also, the sex scenes were unnecessary. Interesting plot, horrible execution.


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