The Decade in Review: Top 50 Films, Part Four (11-20)

Today I continue the countdown towards revealing what my favorite movie of the decade is with the number 11-20 on the list. Before going into that I will take some time to talk about my choices for the three worst movies of the decade.

My number three is The Dukes of Hazzard. The original show was not very good to begin with, but it was entertaining and a good way to kill some time. The movie rather than being a straight remake in tone, is a sex movie that is even more pointless than the show. Every single performance in the movie is horrible, especially Jessica Simpson. I like her, but she rightfully belong in the bubblegum pop music genre.

Number two goes to the Walking Tall remake. This movie came out back when Dwayne Johnson was still being called “The Rock” and even then I saw potential in him because he was great in The Rundown, one of the greatest action movies of the decade. However, his work here made me question his abilities (just like every movie he is making these days). Cliché after cliché, Johnny Knoxville, and many over-the-top performances, simply did not allow me to enjoy it, but rather made me cringe every minute.

But the one movie that made cringe throughout the entire movie was Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna. After his feud with Clint Eastwood, I was seriously hoping that his World War II movie would deliver, but it was a humongous disappointment. First off, the movie is extremely offensive. We get every kind of stereotype for just about every nation that was involved in the war. Lee just showed that he is a bit of a racist too. The script aside from being offensive, as I said, has horrible dialogue and too many characters, and that does not allow for proper character development. This is also shown in the bad performances from every one in the cast. It is also a very ugly-looking movie. The cinematography is horrible and it does not allow the good-looking sets shine. The fights are horribly choreographed, and the score…don’t even get me started on the score. Plus, it is over three hours long, or at least it feels like it.

Anyways, go ahead and read part four of the countdown to get the bad taste out of your mouth.

20. Far From Heaven (2002)

Directed by Todd Haynes

A story of forbidden love put through the lens of a 50s, “wholesome, all-american story”. It is just an amazing story, beautifully told, and with a great performance by Julianne Moore. She should have won the Oscar in 2002 for this movie.

19. There Will Be Blood (2007)

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Only Paul Thomas Anderson could have told this story about ambition, greed, and religion as well as this. Daniel Day-Lewis rightfully won the best actor Oscar in 2007, and it should have won for Best Picture and Best Director.

18. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Directed by David Fincher

A beautiful and moving tale about an extraordinary man living, or at least trying to live, an ordinary life. It is almost three hours long and nothing exciting happens, aside from the brief battle, but everything you see builds up to that finale where everything you think is going to happen happens (unless you are expecting a giant baby), and yet you can’t help but be moved.

17. King Kong (2005)

Directed by Peter Jackson

While very flawed, Jackson’s follow-up to Lord of the Rings is an exciting and passionate epic that continues to amaze me. Kong is one of the best visual effects creations ever.

16. Love Actually (2003)

Directed by Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis’s script takes everything good about romantic comedies and meshes it up into a potpourri that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

15. Gosford Park (2001)

Directed by Robert Altman

Everything about this is brilliant. The direction, the music, the cinematography, the sets…EVERYTHING! The acting, however, stands out above all; the greatest ensemble of the decade.

14. Almost Famous (2000)

Directed by Cameron Crowe

This movie touched me so deep that it made me realize that I have done nothing with my life. For that reason, plus the music, the performances, etcetera, I love it so much.

13. Avatar (2009)

Directed by James Cameron

It may not have the best story or dialogue, but it is a great example of what a director can do with his production team and actors to make it an exhilarating experience. That battle in the end…just wow.

12. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

This is easily Tarantino’s masterpiece. For some reason I was expecting a regular WWII movie, but what we got was so refreshing that I could not help but love it. This is easily his best ensemble yet, and the ending is one of the most satisfying endings of all time.

11. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

A beautiful looking and beautifully told fairy tale unlike any that I had seen on the screen before. This film made me feel like if I had been a child and experiencing a dark fairy tale for the first time. Even in the darkest parts, it is awe-inspiring. Sergi Lopez and Invana Banquero turn in outstanding performances.

This is it for part four of the countdown to show my pick for the number one movie of the decade. Come back tomorrow to see my top 10.

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