The Decade in Review: Top 50 Films, Part One (41-50)

Finally, we are at the beginning of the new decade, and the point where where we look back at what happened during the previous one. One of the things that stand out for me, was the discovery of my love for film. It happened during my first week of 8th grade.

By that point I already knew that films were just more than just entertainment after I read Louis Sachar’s “Holes” and then watched the movie. I loved both and it made me look more into film making. However, it was during that week, after reading a play version of “The Phantom of the Opera,” when we watched the 1925 version of that same title starring Lon Chaney. Most of my classmates dozed off during the movie, but I was fascinated by the sets, the make-up, and especially Chaney’s performance. That same year, the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical came out, and I went to see it the day it opened in my town and I was also fascinated then (eventually I saw it’s flaws, but I still love it).

This led me to follow that year’s Oscar race, which led the watch the Oscar nominated films, which led me to discover the nominees previous film, and so on. Today, I start my review of the 50 films that have made an impact on me this decade. Over the following five lists, there will no doubt be some titles that will rub some readers the wrong way, but they are here because I love them.

So without further ado, here are numbers 41-50 of my favorite movies of the decade:

With this movie, Pixar showed that they could turn any story about anything into something wonderful. It is their funniest movie to date, as well as the most aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it has two of the most wonderfully written movies in animation in some time (the flashback and Ego’s monologue).

If there was a movie that Tim Burton was meant to direct, it was this one. His style fits so perfectly to this story of a barber out for revenge that there was no way it was going to fail. His usual cast members (Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) turn in great performances despite the fact that they don’t have great voices for a musical.

This is a fun horror movie with some real scares, something that we had not experienced this decade (at least in the U.S.). The opening and ending scenes are amazing.

Adrienne Shelly’s last film is beautifully written and directed, plus it features great performances from Keri Russell, Andy Griffith, and Nathan Fillion. Her career was cut way too short, but at least she had a wonderful and pleasing swan song.

Although it’s script falters, it is the best-crafted Potter movie this decade. Tom Felton finally gets his chance to shine, but Michael Gambon steals the show.

This movie is everything a vampire movie should be: haunting, scary, and provocative. Sadly, vampire movies made in the U.S seem to think they are all about the sex.  Sad.

As is the case with every Mike Leigh film, we feel like we know every single character in the movie, even the ones that are on screen for a couple of minutes. This time he takes on a touchy subject, and because the actors are so good and we know the character so well, I couldn’t help but sympathize with them. Imelda Staunton is amazing in this.

Director Joe Wright and Writers Deborah Moggach and Emma Thompson take on a story that has been told to death and manages to make it fresh. Keira Knightley gives her best performance to date.

Wright’s follow-up to Pride & Prejudice is a more mature story, and his story telling methods definitely matured. It is a heart breaking story filled with great performances, great cinematography, a great ending, and an amazing score that makes the emotion go way up

The best movie about the Iraq war to date puts us in the middle of the action and teaches us that no matter how we feel about the war, we should admire the soldiers for all the hard work they do there. It also teaches us that one can easily get addicted to danger

So, this concludes part one of my top 50 movies of the decade. Stay tuned for part 2 (31-40), coming up soon.

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