Review: District 9

District 9 | Neil Blomkamp, 2009

The first time I heard about District 9 was after the first official picture was released. In the article that accompanied the picture it was said that Peter Jackson was producing and that it was directed by the guy he had picked to direct Halo before the project fell apart. I forgot about it soon after. Then the first teaser was released, and my anticipation for it went way up. I didn’t bother with the second trailer as I didn’t want to be spoiled and I had heard that it did spoil some important plot points. I guess that after all the hype and it’s box office success, I hyped my self up too much that I was underwhelmed by the movie, but it is still one of the best movies of the year.

District 9, without giving  too much away, is about the way humans react to a foreign entity coming to their land. 20 years ago, a ship arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. In there were a group of over 1,000,000 malnourished aliens. They were brought down to earth and were given a place to live, but that place eventually turned into a slum. Now, after tension grew among humans, they are being evicted by the MNU, the second-biggest weapons manufacturer in the world. This project is being led by Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley). However, after an accident, Wikus finds himself being hunted by the company he works for and the only place he can hide is District 9.

Although I was underwhelmed by the movie (mostly because it is not really like a documentary), it is still pretty great. Neil Blomkamp and Teri Hatchell deserve their Golden Globe nomination for Best Screenplay as they have created a rather unique take on the subjects that the movie is all about. Blompkamp also makes a rahter outstanding directorial debut. It is obvious that he had a limited budget as the visual effects are not quite up to par to those in Star Trek or Harry Potter, but they are used to great effect and after I forgot I was watching CG creatures. Finaly, Sharlto Copley’s performance is outstanding. I found it hard to believe that this was his first major acting role. Hopefully The A-Team turns out to be good so that he can have a good and lengthy career.

Although it not as good as the hype made it out to be, it was close. Hopefully Hollywood will take notice of how you don’t need a huge budget to find an audience, that way more new filmmakers can get their change at changing the world of film.


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