Review: Shorts

Shorts | Robert Rodriguez, 2009

Robert Rodriguez is a creative individual. He is not a particularly talented director, but he is good enough to translate his creativity to the screen in a simple way. Of all the movies he has made so far, his movies aimed at children have been the weakest, with the exception of the first Spy Kids. Shorts continues this trend.

Going into the movie, I just knew that this was about a wishing rock and that James Spader was evil, and it had Leslie Mann, John Cryer, William H. Macy, and Kat Deenings. That’s a good cast, too bad they are given nothing to do here. Okay, so the story is about this wishing rock and the mishaps it creates in a town called Black Falls where they make the Black Box, a gadget that does it all, literally. However, it is flawed and Mr. Black (Spader) wants it to be perfect, but that doesn’t come into play until the end. The first three fourths of the movie are dedicated to the mischief of the kids. And in the end they try to make the movie about being “green” and how you have to be careful what you wish for.

As you might imagine, I am not a fan of the script or of the movie for that matter. Were I 6 year old I might have liked it but I’m not so I can see all the flaws the movie has, and it has no other redeeming factors what so ever. The visual effects and sets were bad, the actors are just sleep walking through the movie as if saying “ok, just a few more days before I get my check.”

Like I said, Rodriguez is a creative guy, and this is a creative movie, but this would have been a much better fit for a TV show. It even has the production values of a TV show.

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