Review: Toy Story & Toy Story 2

Toy Story & Toy Story 2 | John Lasster, 1995 & 1999

In 1995, a movie was released by a little known studio called Pixar that would forever change cinema, the animation medium in particular. This movie was simply called Toy Story. It would immediately become a classic among film historians and the general audiences, and earned 3 Oscar nominations, including best original screenplay. Four years later, a sequel that was originally set to be released direct to video was released in theaters, with even more acclaim and went on to become the only animated movie to win a Golden Globe award for Best Picture.

Toy Story is about the jealousy that forms between two toys, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), who has always been his owner’s favorite toy, and Buzz (voiced by Tim Allen), the brand new toy with cool gadgets that believes he is the real thing. Toy Story 2 deals with the theme of the possibility of abandonment by their owner as he grows older and having the chance to be admired forever behind a glass case. These synopsis do not cover half of what each movie is about.

What more can I say about these movies that has not been said already? They are wonderfully written, feature great voice performances from the entire cast, and they are entertaining. Although animation is getting better and better each year, these movies are aging gracefully thanks to their timeless story telling and wonderful characters that every person will be able to relate to. To this day, they are better than anything Dreamworks animation and other studios have released, that is no small feat.

Although both movies were huge parts of my childhood, I had never seen them in theaters. Because of this, I decided to see them in their 3D re-release. I had a great time reliving two of the most influential movies of my childhood. It was also nice to see a new generation of moviegoers discover them.


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