Review: State of Play

State of Play | Kevin McDonald, 2009

For some reason I love political thrillers. I love seeing the government get involved in something that would eventually threaten the world we live in and a seemingly ordinary person does everything in his or her power to stop this, and they eventually succeed. State of Play is no different than that, therefore I love it.

Based on a BBC mini series of the same name, except the movie takes place in Washington, the story follows a reporter whose congressman friend finds himself in trouble after the death of one of his aides. Now it is up to him and a team of reporters to find the truth and the connection between the woman and a shooting that is also being investigated.

I have not seen the miniseries so I don’t know how much was cut to fit the story into a two-hour movie. There were parts where I felt that some character development was needed, but the script is still intriguing enough. McDonald keeps things going at a nice pace, therefore it never feels like it drags.

The performances are also good. Helen Mirren, Ben Afleck, and Robin Wright Penn turn in solid performances. Russel Crowe, Rachel McAdams, and Jason Bateman give performances good enough that if the movie had come out later in the year they would have gotten some Oscar buzz.

State of Play is a carefully crafted thriller that got dismissed by its release date and the backlash that some of the actors featured seem to have. However, it deserves to be seen.


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