The Came. They Saw. They Conchored

Earlier I posted a list of my top 10 television shows of the decade.There was one show that deserved to be there but eventually got left behind after I learned that Spongebob fit my criteria to be on the list. This show is Flight of the Conchords. The reason why it wasn’t there, was because I had not yet seen the second, and supposedly last, season, and because Spongebob is amore culturally important show.

Flight of the Conchords is one of the most original shows I’ve ever seen. It follows Jemaine (Jemain Clement) and Bret (Bret McKenzie), two struggling musicians from New Zealand trying to make it big in New York. There’a also Murray Hewitt (Rhys Darby), their manager and New Zealand diplomat, and Mel (Kristen Schaal) the duo’s only fan. This is not just a regular sitcom as the basic description of the show might lead some people to believe. It is cleverly written and sometimes unapologetically un P.C. It also features some amazing musical numbers.

The strenght of the show comes from the proper mix of comedy and the musical numbers. Most of the songs in season one were truly memorable. The lyrics for “The Humans are Dead“, “Foux Da Fa Fa“, “Frodo Don’t Wear the Ring,” and “Rhymenocerous VS. Hiphopopotamus” stayed in my head for days after seeing the show. The songs in the second season were not as good, but there were a few bright spots like “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” but it definitely got funnier dialogue and situations.

As funny as it was, it still had its realistic and awkward moments. Such moments involved the pursuit of a romatic partner, getting involved in crimes, stereotypes, and many other relatable subjects. And their songs also covered all these subjects in hilarious ways.

With that said, let’s talk about the cast. Jemain Clement and Bret McKenzie are perfect. Obviously no one else was going to play those roles, but they are perfect. Their line delivery is great; their facial expressions are great; their body language is great. I’m glad Jemain got an Emmy nomination for his performance on the second season. He won’t win (no one will stop the 30 Rock machine) but I’m glad he was recognized. Bret also deserved to be nominated, but alas he didn’t. The one person who should have been nominated for both seasons in Rhys Darby. Every time he appears on the screen as Murray, he steals the show. Also, I couldn’t help but like the character of Mel. She is just so charming although she is crazy.

Although it only lasted two short seasons, Flight of the Conchords made a lasting impression in my life. I had never seen a television like this before, and I’m glad I was able to experience it. I look forward to whatever this duo has to offer. And I hope they do good at the upcoming Emmy awards


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