Review: Up

As I have said before, I love animation because it makes possible to tell stories that would not be possible to tell with real people in real settings. For this reason, Pixar has emerged as the best movie studio out there. They use animation to its full potential by telling stories that have never been told before or that could have not been told before. Up by Pete Docter is such movie.

Up is the story of Carl Fredricksen, an old man who lives in a house surrounded by huge buildings. The owners of a new building want to kick him out of there. Then there’s also Russell a “Wilderness Explorer” that wants to help Mr. Fredricksen do something in order to obtain his “helping the elderly” badge. One day, before he was taken away to an elderly home, Mr. Fredricksen decides to make his dreams come true and take his house to Venezuela with a bunch of balloons attacked to the house. However, the joy did not last because Russell was in the house at the time. Now, they must go to Venezuela to make his dream come true and then try to get Russell back home, but they encounter problems along the way that would ruin their plans.
Pixar always find a way to tell mature themes in a family-friendly way. This movie is about redemption and the weight one carries after things happen that you could not prevent from happening. However, they deal with them with humor and beautiful images so that everyone in the audience can take away a bit of the wisdom the movie is trying to pass along. I’d love to see Pixar take on a story aimed at adults and see how good they can make it.
Like with every Pixar movie, the animation is gorgeous, the cast is perfect. However, without the script this movie would not have been any good. The first 20 minutes, with are almost silent are heart breaking. It is easily the second best romance of the decade (after WALL-E). Then afterwards, the dialogue is sharp and the story telling devices do not feel like they are not needed. Any script that has a character as great as Dug deserves to be talked about as much as the movie.
Up is yet another home run for Pixar. Althought it is not as good as WALL-E or Ratatouille, it is a worthy addition to the company’s impressive catalogue. Next year’s Toy Story 3 can’t come soon enough.

four stars 2


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